Monday, September 15, 2008

A little something to get me through ...

So I was having a crappy morning.
Tired from broken sleep (TWO kids and a puppy awake through the night).
Friggin' headache that I just can't get rid of.
Working myself up about my biopsy tomorrow.
Bitter about my time of the month ... more so than usual because I can't find my pain killers and I need 'em BAD!
Arguing with Bob to get him ready for school.
Trying to keep Paul in the house until I can get pants on him.
Wanting a Coke so bad and instead settling for decaf coffee.
Gloomy and rainy outside.
The kitchen looked like it threw up on itself because of the mess from transferring over to the new fridge.

And I look out the kitchen window to this. I ran out to snap a photo from under the window (because the window is filthy of course) and by the time I got back in, it was already fading.

It's not much, but today, I'll take it!


Rita said...

Wonderful photo! Glad it could brighten you day!

Colleen said...

yay for rainbows!!

i hope today went ok! had no idea you had a biopsy