Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I mentioned in my last post that the dog was having a throw up. It continued the rest of the day. During the party. On the rug. I'm totally out of paper towels now. We were a little worried Saturday night, but by Sunday, she seemed to have come around. She was eating yesterday and bouncing around. Now I've been cleaning up dog vomit again. Grrr. Maybe she has what the kids have. I had to pick Bob up at school yesterday. I don't think he was faking this time. He did a lot of laying around yesterday. Last night, at bed time, Will said that his stomach hurt and could he sleep downstairs. I let him, but didn't really think he'd be sick. I was wrong so it's a good job he was downstairs instead of in the bunk above Paul. We have a single bed in the playroom that replaced the couch a few years ago. I love that I can just rip of everything and throw it in the wash. You can't do that with a couch. That was about 1:30am. Got the bed stripped and remade. Back to sleep. Then Paul woke up. Someone (not me) had put his diaper on backwards and he was completely soaked. Another bed stripped. Now he's complaining that his stomach hurt. So I slept with him and kept a bowl handy. So far, no upsies for him. The accountant was supposed to come today, but I'm not feeling too hot and I don't think he really wants to catch the flu this time of year, so I called to reschedule.
So to make you all feel good about what you've got going on today ...
... I've got all three kids home and none of them are acting sick at this point (I'm sure it'll come back when they're sleeping ... at least that's what usually happens)
... I have about 7 loads of laundry to do
... the dog keeps throwing up because she drinks down a big bowl of water and it won't sit right
I guess that's it. But that's enough to give me a monstrous headache. Yay me. Anyone want to join my pity party?


Danielle said...

Yuck!!!! I hope your little guys and your doggie get better soon :(

It's no fun having sickies around. My little one is still sick too :(

Carol said...

It's attacking everyone! Hope you don't get the up-chuckies....