Friday, February 6, 2009

Time Flies ...

... when you're not doing anything in particular.
I don't know why I can't seem to post in a more regular fashion. Maybe it's the same reason I can't keep my bills up to date. One of my goals for this year was to sit down to do my bookwork once a week so that things don't get behind, but I'm still working on December. So you can see just how well that's goin'.
I've actually been scrapping almost every day. Even if it's just a page or two in my January Journal (which is also sadly unfinished) or planning my next little project. I keep forgetting to take photos though. I took loads of pictures yesterday but I won't upload everything at once. You'll go cross-eyed.
October Afternoon and Sassafras seem to be crowd pleasers at the moment and I'm riding in that bandwagon with everyone else. I love the bright, vibrant colours and patterns. I've also been trying to use up older stash, but sometimes you just have to grab the newest stuff you've got. In my case, that would be the Night Light collection. Who doesn't love monsters. Right now, Paul has a thing about monsters. You can barely make out what he says ("moansurs") but he makes this face and hisses while he does it. Way too funny. And he usually does it in the middle of a sentence with other indistinguishable (I can't believe I spelled that correctly on the first pass), whispering, just as he's falling asleep. I've always told my kids that monsters aren't allowed in Mommy's house. They usually have bought it because, quite frankly, Mommy can be a bit of a be-otch about certain things.
How did I come up with the story while talking about patterned paper?
Lemmee get my coffee.
Anywho, back to the layouts. The first one is Bob last year about this time. His teeth go basically sideways, holding on by a sliver of skin before they come out. And they're like that for DAYS. I hated loose teeth and I can remember twisting and wiggling until they came out when I was young. I would have never had a tooth that loose for that long. He looks like he's wearing novelty teeth. But I think it's funnier yet once it's fallen out. I try not to laugh, but I do. My kids are going to be scarred for life by a mother that laughs at their misfortunes.
And this is of Paul and Opa at some Spring thingie with little kids' rides last year during March Break. The look Paul was givin' this clown made me want to mess my pants. It's almost like, "Really? This is what you've chosen to do with your life? I can't imagine what led you down this path." He's a deep child. And very judgemental. Wonder where he got that from?
How's everyone keeping up with their 365 photos? I must admit, I've missed a few days. I don't care. I find something suitable to fill in the spot a day or so after. I'm actually surprised I've done this well. I found a very cool site (by way of a link on Ali Edward's blog last week) called Shutter Sisters. I'm trying to expand my photography skills from the standard Point And Shoot method and this site is wonderful inspiration. I'd love to take a class sometime this year. I just can't figure out all the whatchamacallits.
It's supposed to warm up this weekend. It was -30 yesterday morning. No joke. I thought the thermometer was broken. You'd freeze your ta-tas of in those elements. If I left the house ... that is. But I didn't.
I'm all over the place this morning.
More coffee please.
Great. The little guy threw up this morning and has just now filled his pants. Off to the tub!
The glamorous, the glamorous life ...


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, fabulous layouts!!

Danielle said...

Love your new layouts :)

Yeppers, I'm keeping up with my 2nd year of 365-photo-a-day project :) It's so much fun!