Monday, April 20, 2009

Chili chili chili chili chili ...

Anyone watching Celebrity Apprentice? No? You're missin' out.
Blech. It's rainy and windy and crappy today. The little guy is not pleased. He wants to go out anyway. But he's just getting over a cold and I think it would just be inviting disaster because I wouldn't be able to get him back in again.
We spent a few hours last night driving around looking for trailer lots. How come you can never find that kinda thing when you're looking? Maddening. We're in the market for a trailer. Not wanting to spend a fist full o' money because it's not something we're going to use constantly. But I don't want anything real scuzzy. See my dilema? The upside of it being rainy today is that Dave won't be doing farm work so we may head out again today to continue our search.
It's supposed to be beautiful the rest of the week and it looks extremely likely that he'll be planting corn by the weekend. He just loves this time of year. Busy busy busy but doing the thing he loves most. No ... not me. Workin' land. He always says that if he won the lottery, he'd want to just buy up land and top of the line machinery and cash crop. We don't buy lottery tickets so it probably won't happen though. Haha.
A few layouts from the weekend. Luckily, my April add-on kit from Work In Progress came in before the weekend so I was able to get into it. Love these Jillibean Soup papers.

And this one is inspired by the work of Vee Jennings. She has a style that uses a lot less "stuff" than I usually do and random paint. I've started a couple of layouts in the past trying to mimic her style but always revert back to my own comfortable ways. Anyway ... I know this doesn't really come close to her, but I feel good about making the plunge.

Have a good one!


:: gingerkitty :: said...

love what you did with the flower you are so creative.

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heather said...

I loved how you stiched around the photos! That is really cute