Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well kids, I'm off to the dentist this morning and I'm not at all looking forward to it. I generally enjoy my cleanings because I just love having squeeky clean teeth and I rarely have a cavity. Right now, I have two fillings in my mouth. And they're from years and years ago.
Just by chance, I happened to find a little hole on the side of one of my wisdom teeth, down by the gum. And I'm fairly certain it's a cavity. And I'm pretty sure he won't want to fill it.
I've gone this many years with my wisdom teeth but I have a really bad feeling that I'm going to lose one today. This would be the first time I've had a tooth pulled and I'm a big baby with needles.
So wish me luck.
In other new this week, the little card and tag that I made for one of my challenges at BPM ended up on the Sassafras blog this week. I was more than a little stoked.
Annnnd, a package from BPM arrived Tuesday with some yummy Pink Paislee stuff and two new border punches. I almost ate 'em. Funny thing though ... it takes longer for packages to reach me, in Ontario, from Alaska than it takes for them to reach England. Can you figure that out? 'Cause I can't.
I went on a field trip with Will yesterday to see a one man play. A bit boring for the adults, but the kids were giggling from start to finish. I give kindergarten teachers so much credit for their patience. I wanted a drink about an hour into our adventure. And what was worse, was that the play was downtown London. In the same building as a spot known to have the best coffee in the city. The smell was heavenly. It was all I could do not to leave the four kids I was responsible for and just run over to get a fix. Torture.
I've got quite a few scrappy projects sitting upstairs just waiting for me to photograph them and post, but this will have to do for this morning. A card for one of the challenges at BPM ... black & white with a hit of one colour. It's very "spare" for me. I usually like lots of stuff ... even on a card. It's just SEI paper as the base and a piece of the same paper flipped over and mounted on foam adhesive with a K&Co. stamped message on the front. I was going to put a bright ribbon somewhere on it, but I loved the clean look as is. So all I added was a bit of a rose coloured glitter gel pen to highlight some of the pattern in the paper. Very subtle but I love it. Oh ... and I distressed the edges. Couldn't help myself.


Colleen said...

i've been arguing with my dentist now for months that i should keep my wisdom teeth and he disagrees so we have a deal taht i'll get them out this summer. i'm actually hoping i'll get pregnant first and will have a reprieve

hope dentist goes well

ellen s. said...

the dentist. bleh. gl. i love your card and will have to check you out at the Sass blog!