Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just wanted to share ...

... the pages I was able to do at the beginning of the week. Nothing too elaborate. Just a few photos from last summer and one from last month. Some old supplies and some new. Mixin' it up.
Still using an old Studio Calico kit from last spring/summer. I've almost used it all and soon it will be gone :( And some of the new Sassafras added in.
I love the new Sassafras. So bright and fun.
I think this is my favorite. Really simple and I used some paper that I thought I'd never be able to use.
Using buttons again lately. I seem to go in spurts.

Kids are off school for their 4-day-weekend. I boiled some eggs tonight to do egg decorating tomorrow. Maybe get to some carrot cupcakes and some Easter crafts. I found out recently that you can buy carrot cake mix. And it's really good. I used to make carrot cake all the time but hated grating all of those carrots. Annnnd ... I didn't know you could also buy cream cheese frosting. Oh yeah ... we're making cupcakes tomorrow.


CraftE-Blog said...

AWESOME work as usual Tara!! Happy Easter!

Colleen said...
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Colleen said...

ok, that was me...
i meant to put my hug to you on the "i'm dying" post but I put it here. oopsie.

awesome scraps!!!
now i want to go play with paper