Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Blahs

There's really nothing quite like waking up on a Monday morning with a headache and a burning desire to do absolutely nothing productive. Too bad I can't just loaf around in my jammies all day.
So I've got the kids off to school and am sitting here with my coffee, trying to wake up enough to get some stuff going around here.
I took Will to a few different stores to see if there was anything he would wear for Hallowe'en yesterday afternoon. And ... no. I went through old costumes and fabric I had here and think we may have come to a decision. His problem is that he wants to be an animal. But he's 6 now and there really aren't any animal costumes in his size. He got out some books with animals and decided that he wants to be a bird. More specifically, a robin. We're going to reuse the black base clothing from a ninja outfit and sew on a fuzzy reddish-orange belly. I have an old scarf that has fringe on the ends that we're going to sew on for wings. I somehow have to make some bird feet and figure out what to do for a beak. Any suggestions?
My kids are all so different. Bob is pretty easy for costumes. Overalls, a Jason mask and a machete. He loves the "gross out". But Will is so particular. I'm not too worried about Paul. He's just going to get what he gets. I'm hoping he'll go with the kangaroo costume I have.
On to scrappies.
This layout is done using the monthly kit from Scrapbook Memories in London. She doesn't have an online store and doesn't hold kits to pick up so you have to be on the ball and get in when they go on sale. It's Bella Blvd. and Crate. I picked up the coordinating Crate chipboard and brads to go with the kit.

I think the blue/green/brown combo is probably my favorite colour combination.

I used the Ranger Rock Candy Crackle Paint on the chipboard pieces because I just can't seem to do anything these days without adding a bit of Rock Candy in Crackle Paint or Distress Stickles form. They just add that "little something".

I hear my laundry calling my name. When will they invent clothing that doesn't need to be washed? Once again, I would love to live on the Star Trek Enterprise. I don't think I ever saw anyone doing laundry there. Or cleaning. Or cooking. And it has a Holo Deck. I wish I could have convinced Will to go with one of the Star Trek costumes for Hallowe'en but I haven't gotten him watching any Star Trek yet. One of these days ;)


Jana Eubank said...

AWESOME page!!! I love the colors! And I haven't heard of the Ranger Rock Candy crackle . . . looks like I NEED some! ;) H

Tara Powell said...

I am hooked on the new Rock Candy as well! Isn't it so fun?
Love this layout, Tara!