Sunday, November 1, 2009

The day after ...

Hallowe'en is over and I didn't get a decent photo of the kids in their costumes. Phooey. I think I'll make them dress up this week some time so I can take pictures.
Bags and bags of candy are piled everywhere. Each of the 3 boys came home with 2 big bags of stuff and I have another big bag of treats left over from my goodie bags. We live in the country, so although they only go to about a dozen houses, they are well compensated for their efforts. Some of our neighbors get only our boys as their trick-or-treaters and wait all night for them to arrive. One couple, in particular, has them come in for punch with plastic spiders and a muffin or brownie every year.
I had a big year ... 12 kids came to our door. I should say 13. A kid that used to work for us now lives a fair distance away with his wife and little guy. I hadn't expected them to come all the way out here and am ticked at myself for not having something other than candy to give Brady who is only just over a year old. Next year I'll be better prepared and they probably won't come. Haha.
On to some layouts.
One of my favorite layout compositions is three 4x6 photos lined up down (or across the page). I've used it over and over in my albums. I like that it can be fairly stream-lined like in the layout below ...

Or dressed up with different layers of paper borders and clusters of embellishments.
This is my favorite little bit from this layout ... the Sassafras deer on a cloud sticker layered over a vintage button, layered over another Sassafras sticker. Because the button has a clear topping, it looks like the cloud is floating. So fun.

I've got a bunch of chores out of the way this morning and now I'm off to craft for a few hours. Hopefully with few to no interruption :)

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