Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lazy, lazy

I'm having kind of a lazy morning. Not that I really have the time. But I haven't been sleeping well and I needed a bit of a layaround today.
We go to Dave's sister's tomorrow for our family Christmas and I need to get some things done. We've all but abandoned the gift exchange. She and I were just exchanging gift cards so we decided to cut that from our already full list of things to do. Her kids are all older now so I've given up trying to find the perfect gift for them. They like cash. They'll also accept a cheque ;) So really, the only gift I need to take along is for our new great nephew. Easy peasy.
We've also dispensed with having a large meal in favour of lots of nibblies and yummies through the day. So instead of bringing my much requested Swedish Potatoes, I need to decide on which of my favorite finger foods to take. I may just pop out to M&Ms today and grab some of their stuff. Better check the freezer first to see if I've already bought something and forgotten about it. I swear my brain never fully recovered after being pregnant.
I've got nothing crafty to share. I feel like such a slacker in that department these days. Too busy and preoccupied to feel like creating. Instead, check out this site. Soooo funny. Definately my type of humour. I'm sure everyone will be running here, there and everywhere this weekend. Enjoy!

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